Chicago Team Gives Deserving High School a Facelift

Chicago Team Gives Deserving High School a Facelift

Rolled Up Sleeves and Paint on Clothes Pay Off


All 35 members of the Marketwired Chicago sales teams kicked off the third quarter by getting their hands dirty for a good cause. Their destination? St. Francis de Sales, a private high school located on the city’s southeast side. Their mission?  A productive and rewarding day of community service.

Marketwired Chicago partnered with the Big Shoulders Fund; a charitable organization that provides support to schools in the neediest areas of inner city Chicago. Big Shoulders is an invaluable resource to these schools as it offers a variety of scholarships, grants, developmental programs and volunteer opportunities, which support more than 80% of the students who attend these schools. It was through the volunteers at Big Shoulders that the Chicago office learned that St. Frances was desperately in need of help with odd jobs in and around the school grounds.  A vote was taken and all employees were in agreement that helping St. Frances was a top priority.

Few updates had been made to the school since its construction in 1958. The floors were dusty, the doorknobs and hinges rusty, and a fresh coat of paint was needed throughout. Upon arrival, the Marketwired volunteers split up into smaller groups and quickly set out to give St. Frances the “TLC” that it most certainly deserved.  

“It was great to be able to step foot into a high school and know I was leaving it in a better condition and ready for the students in the fall. Being able to contribute my time along with my colleagues also served as a great team building experience,” said Account Manager Josh Johnson of his experience.

Through a corporate-wide initiative, Marketwired employees receive one day off each quarter to give back to their local community. “Each time we volunteer as an office, I feel inspired to do more. This has been such an amazing opportunity,” said Senior Manager of Client Sales Stacey Lawson Barr.