Leadership Team ‘Puts the Wheels in Motion’

Leadership Team ‘Puts the Wheels in Motion’

Marketwired’s Leadership Team ‘Puts the Wheels in Motion’ at Bike-building Event to Benefit Women’s Shelter

How many executives does it take to build a bicycle? Answer: six to seven. We found this out at a recent offsite event, “Challenge Your Thinking,” that brought together 26 of Marketwired’s executive and senior leadership team members for a two-day offsite event on July 8 and 9.

Held outdoors on a beautiful summer day in York Region, Ontario, the group split into teams that were each challenged with building complete, functional bikes from a mélange of large and small parts along with the nuts, bolts and screws to hold them all together. Lighthouse NINE Group, a management consultant firm in Toronto donated the parts and oversaw the exercise, which was dubbed “put the wheels in motion.”

Since none of the team members are professional bicycle builders (although one, a motorcycle enthusiast, came close), an inspector was present to ensure the bikes ended up being safe and road-worthy. In all, seven new bikes emerged from this technically challenging exercise.

Benefiting from the team’s efforts is Yellow Brick House, a women’s shelter that provides services in York Region, Ontario, Canada, to women and children who have experienced violence and abuse.

After all the bikes were vetted for safety, each bike-building team elected a member to take part in a timed race. They couldn’t build all those great bikes without testing them out, right?