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Success as a blogger depends on having a constant stream of quality content to post. Staying ahead of trends and news in your field is crucial, and your readers count on you for current, relevant, and accurate material. At Marketwired, we offer services that let you get the news you need the way you need it, so you can create intriguing content that will attract readers and keep them coming back.

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Personal Beat

Marketwired’s Personal Beat is a convenient way to generate new ideas for blog content at no cost. Designed specifically for bloggers, journalists and other media professionals, Personal Beat provides breaking news and stories directly from the source.

Personal Beat, you can:

Customize your news

Receive only the news you're interested in with a variety of customization options. Choose content from over 140 industries and sub-industries, and target particular interests by using keywords or stock ticker symbols.

Filter by region

Select specific geographic locations and narrow the focus of your news to cities, states, countries or other regions of preference.

Track companies

Stay up-to date on particular companies by receiving all of their latest news releases.

Get your news delivered your way

Choose individual emails, a daily email newsletter or a personal RSS feed – whatever works best for you – with the ability to switch options at any time.

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Features Newswire

Spend less time searching for content and more time writing your posts. Our convenient service provides free editorial content that generates leads for seasonal posts or feature stories.

With Features Newswire, you get:

Current, relevant content

Tap into a user-friendly resource for story leads and get current, relevant information you can rely on direct from the source.

Seasonal story ideas

Develop content in advance for holidays, seasons, and special events, and intrigue readers with unique content about less well-known occasions.  Click here to see our full 2014 Editorial Calendar.

Industry story ideas

Discover fresh story ideas from a wide variety of industries including technology, travel, sports, entertainment, and more.

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Drive traffic to your blog, increase advertising revenue, and provide your readers with real-time news from companies around the world with Marketwired’s versatile, complimentary newsfeeds.

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With our Newsfeeds, you get:

A customizable solution

Choose individual emails, a daily email newsletter or a personal RSS feed--whatever works best for you—with the ability to switch options at any time.

Multilingual options

Get multilingual content for a diverse readership.

Choice of formats

Make use of our versatile newsfeeds in whichever way works best for you. Display news wherever and however you want with a widget. Use a co-branded microsite to publish or archive stories. Add an FTP link from Marketwired's news site to yours. Integrate a traditional or mirrored RSS feed quickly and easily.


Offer more news with less effort with self-updating content and give your readers even more reasons to keep returning to your blog.