News Distribution

News Distribution

News Distribution

Connect with media, investors, social networks and consumers anywhere around the world.

Whether you're an IRO sharing market-moving news with investors or a PR professional trying to interest the media in your story, you need to find new and better ways to leverage the opportunities that abound in today's online environment. How can you easily push content to the Internet, post it in the places that reach the right audiences, and raise your visibility? Distribution from Marketwired.

With Marketwired distribution, you can enhance, publish and track your press releases and announcements, on and offline, almost anywhere in the world and on time. Marketwired lets you reach media and other influencers around the world, allows you to add hyperlinks and multimedia like images and video, gives you a metrics dashboard to gauge your reach and visibility, and provides support from our expert editorial team.

What sets Marketwired news distribution apart?

The right channels

Your message has a better chance of being read if you target the specific people who want to hear it, online and off. It's a simple concept, but can be hard to get right. All too often that's the reason press releases miss the mark. Marketwired's specialized distribution channels – and the ability to create and integrate custom lists – let you zero in on the industries, geographic regions, online portals and audiences particularly interested in your content.

Global Newslines
Trade Media
Specialty Media

Online and social media visibility

Boost the visibility of your traditional and social media press releases. It's easy with our step-by-step process for adding hyperlinks, multimedia assets like images and video, and your own social media links along with help from our expert client services team. We also encourage social sharing by adding the most popular social sharing links to every release.

Editorial support and translation

The Marketwired team is like an extension of your staff. Our communications professionals collaborate with you to make sure your message comes through loud and clear even under the most demanding deadlines, providing quality assurance and translation services.

Satisfy disclosure and regulatory filing requirements with ease and confidence

For more than three decades thousands of public companies have trusted Marketwired with their material disclosure, reporting and regulatory filing needs. Marketwired is fully recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Marketwired's easy-to-use interface (with 24/7 access and support) simplifies distribution and disclosure of press releases to financial terminals, print, broadcast and trade media, wire services, news agencies, databases, portals and websites. And Marketwired gives you total control over your news release's content and look. XHTML formatting offers the following advantages:

  • Utilize tables and rich text and different fonts
  • Embed hyperlinks into your keywords to direct people to supportive online content
  • Add usefulness and longevity of your message
Our team will also help you deliver an operator-assisted conference call or webcast. Deliver full disclosure of your information using secure technology to an unlimited number of participants.

IR professionals rely on Marketwired to help them meet regulatory filing and disclosure requirements efficiently and securely. Services include EDGAR, SEDAR, XBRL and UK filings. Our easy-to-use interface simplifies distribution and disclosure of press releases to financial terminals, print, broadcast and trade media, wire services, news agencies, databases, portals and websites.

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