Key Features

Key Features

A turnkey solution with a wide range of powerful features that make it easy to create and maintain your newsroom.

Multiple user accounts make it easy to get your entire team involved in updating your newsroom content.

Version Control

Ensure accuracy and collaborate more easily with change-tracking and activity trails that identify when specific changes were made and by whom.

User Rights and Roles

Only designated users have access to key approval and publishing functionality so you can stay in control of your newsroom content.

Unlimited Page Flexibility

With Impress, you decide how your newsroom looks. There are no limitations or restrictions on type of content. You have complete control over page layout, text, images and multimedia.

Analytics and Reporting

Track website usage, traffic volume and user activity with our integrated reporting features so you can measure your company's success in meeting your communications goals.

Full-text Searching

An Impress-created newsroom allows visitors to search the entire site for key words, not just press releases or headlines.


Build and maintain copies of your site in multiple languages – all from within the same interface.

Custom URLs

You can provide your own subdomain ( or directly link from your corporate site to your Impress-powered newsroom masking the Marketwired domain.

Dark Sites

Get a jump on crisis communications or announcements of market-moving news by setting up "dark sites" that are active but invisible from the site navigation until you're ready to go.