Media Database (Mediahub)

Media Database (Mediahub)

Media Database (Mediahub)

Take control of your media contacts and conversations, build relationships, and get your story out to the right audience.

The media landscape is more crowded than ever these days, and that makes getting your message out an even bigger challenge. Just sending out news releases isn't enough. You need to target the right media outlets, zero in on the right contacts, and build relationships with the journalists and bloggers who can increase the chances of your story being picked up. How can you give yourself the edge? Mediahub from Marketwired..

The fast, flexible solution for building media relationships

Mediahub makes it easy to manage media contacts and create more powerful media lists in seconds. Access more than 950,000 individually named contacts throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Mediahub’s speed, range of functionality and easy-to-use interface make it a media management tool unlike any other—helping you build those all-important media relationships.

What sets Mediahub apart?

Depth of research

A media management tool is only as good as the information it supplies. At Marketwired, we operate research centers around the globe that constantly update our database. So you're always assured of getting the latest information for media contacts anywhere in the world.

Flexibility and convenience

With Mediahub, you can create custom lists of media contacts based on any criteria you need – from geographic region to subject matter. Add your own private contacts to build the perfect list. Edit and filter lists to further fine-tune the audience you're targeting. When your news release is ready to go, you can even distribute it directly from the Mediahub dashboard. It's that easy and convenient!

More accurate targeting

Mediahub provides multiple individual contacts at each media property. This helps you target your releases more precisely, increasing the chances that your news will be picked up. It also helps you find and start building relationships with members of the media who will have the most interest in your stories. Other solutions just don't give you this much control. 



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