Changing communication habits and social technologies continue to shape how news is created, distributed and consumed, and social media has become an indispensable source of business intelligence.

With increasing frequency, our customers are realizing the benefits and opportunities that abound when they incorporate social media into their communications programs. That's because it helps them better understand their buyers, discover what's being said about their companies, and provides new ways to connect with key influencers.

  • Increase news release exposure
  • Gain valuable, actionable market insight
  • Identify brand influences & advocates

To ensure you benefit from the world's leading social media data and intelligence, our flagship product, Marketwired Resonate, is powered by Sysomos technology that taps into billions of social media conversations from around the world.

You'll be able to identify relevant discussions and discover why they're happening and who's driving them so you can better align your content with your influencers.

Embedding Sysomos technology and intelligence into Marketwired Resonate means we provide you with an unsurpassed, progressive news distribution and social communications solution.

Social Media Engagement & Reporting
Powered by Sysomos:

Rely on Marketwired's News Dashboard performance report to see the authority level of people who are discussing your news release on social channels –a good start to targeted influencer marketing.

Add a hashtag to your news release to drive it into relevant Twitter conversations and see who's talking about your company.