Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations

Connect with key audiences, drive conversations, raise your visibility and expand your influence with our innovative, integrated solutions.

It's never been a more exciting time to be a public relations professional: distribution channels are proliferating, feedback is available immediately, and influence is more measurable than ever. But all this innovation comes with challenges. Managing an integrated PR campaign requires an understanding of the shifting landscape and the tools to navigate it, as well as traditional PR skills. Meet daily demands while taking advantage of new opportunities with Marketwired.

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Marketwired gives you the power of influence

PR is the art of influence. Marketwired puts the power of influence at your fingertips by delivering integrated solutions for new PR challenges that are driven by the growing power of consumers and real-time conversations. What it means to be successful has changed. Connecting directly with media, bloggers, consumers and others who can influence public sentiment gives PR professionals greater opportunities.

Marketwired solutions give you everything you need to make the most of these opportunities – from media and influencer targeting to news distribution, newsroom hosting, and reporting, we build each Marketwired solution from the ground up in collaboration with our customers to ensure it works the way you work and gives you a competitive edge.

Do the job right with Marketwired

Drive the conversations that matter

Discover and influence the most important conversations. Share your news with the precise industries, geographic regions and audiences particularly interested in your content as well as with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Boost visibility and shareability

Add images, video and audio to news releases to make them stand out from the crowd. Embed hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website. And inspire people to share your news with social media tags.

Leverage the power of data

Quickly understand what works and why. Accurate measurement is of critical importance to PR professionals today, which is why all Marketwired products are driven by data. Marketwired reports are the best in the business: in-depth and easy to understand and act on.

Why Marketwired?

Unparalleled influencer targeting

Marketwired gives you a competitive edge with easy-to-use tools that help you find, connect with and engage the individuals who shape purchasing decisions for your type of product or service. You'll uncover new business opportunities at every step of your communication workflow, and create more impactful content by using the same topics, keywords and hashtags they do.

The right audiences

Your message has a better chance of being read if you target the specific people who want to hear it, online and off. It's a simple concept, but can be hard to get right. All too often that's the reason news releases miss the mark. Marketwired's specialized distribution channels – and the ability to create and integrate custom lists – let you zero in on the industries, geographic regions, online portals and individuals particularly interested in your content.

Support from beginning to end

From the moment you become a client we're there for you: to answer your questions, help you get the most from our tools, and provide you with intuitive platforms that make it easy to achieve your objectives. Whether you're conducting market or media research, drafting your release or submitting it for distribution, creating an online newsroom, or interpreting social analytics or release performance metrics, you'll find that Marketwired goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

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